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 Policies & Procedures  

Before committing to taking lessons, it's important to understand the policies and procedures that take place in my studio, beginnging with what my students can expect from me, and what I expect from them. You can also find information here about cancellations, missed lessons, recitals, and more!

What I Expect from My Students

  • Be prompt for your lesson

  • Maintain an optimum practice schedule of 30 minutes a day

  • Bring all lesson materials to every lesson

  • Maintain a practice schedule of at least 30 minutes per day

  • Be prompt for your lesson

  • Be prepared for your lesson (have music learned, theory workbooks completed)

  • Memorize recital pieces (encouraged, not required)


What My Students Can Expect from Me

  • The latest teaching methods and pedagogy

  • A learning environment that is lively, nurturing, and fun

  • Realistic and attainable goals to ensure student success

  • Personal continuing education and research



Missed Lessons

  • Notification for a missed lesson must be given at least 24 hours in advance.

  • There are no refunds for a missed lesson, and there are no make up lessons.

  • Rescheduling is only permitted if the cancellation is due to a music- or theater-related conflict.  

  • Coming to your lesson without your materials counts as a missed lesson. 

  • No more than four missed lessons are permitted in a school year; more than four missed lessons may result in the loss of the student's time slot.


Lesson Times

The year is broken into a school year session and a separate summer session. Regardless of when the student joins the studio, they are required to commit to the school year, but may opt out of the summer session.    

Cancellation Fees

Students are required to commit to the Fall and Spring terms, but may opt out of the Summer term.  If a student discontinues lessons before the end of the term, a $150 cancellation fee will be charged.  If the student decides to return, a $50 start-up fee will be charged.



I believe recitals are an essential element of music education - plus, it gives the students a chance to show off what they have learned! We have two recitals each year; attendance at both recitals is mandatory for each student. Please take this into consideration before registering.








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